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Digital Strategy


We provide small businesses with an array of digital marketing strategies designed to increase brand visibility, digital presence, generate quality traffic and leads, and deliver significant ROI and increased revenues. Success starts with setting goals and measuring our pace to those goals.

Digital media like social, search, and digital display provide real-time data about a campaign’s performance. This data can be interpreted and implemented into active campaigns within hours, while full campaigns can be analyzed to identify the most significant contributions to ROI. Overall, a digital strategy is an all-encompassing plan of pulling customers in and driving them to the sections of the website you want them to see.



Websites are a smartphone tap away and have evolved from a business luxury to a business necessity. With 87% of the U.S. population using the internet, building a website has evolved beyond a URL and HTML landing page to a website optimized for users on computers, phones, and tablets that deliver SEO-rich content to increase your reach to potential customers. With a predicted 68% of all Internet traffic expected to be via mobile devices soon, aspects like including mobile-friendly design, faster load times, and intuitive user navigation are the keys to success. We’ve mastered all this so you can be sure your new website will be successful.

Services Included:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web & Application Development, including:
    • Custom workflows
    • Systems integration
    • Automation
  • Full Service Hosting & Technical Support
  • Website Maintenance and Consulting

The Internet can be a “Field of Dreams,” but a “build it and they will come” mentality is not a strong digital strategy. Search Engine Optimization is essential but with more than 200 ranking factors in an always-evolving algorithm, SEO isn’t something your tech savvy brother-in-law can handle for you anymore. Google performs 3.5 billion searches per day. We’re Google Analytics Certified digital marketing experts. We’ll increase the visibility of your content across various search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


92% of U.S. adults have at least one cellphone and 45% own a tablet. Also, 65% of all media time is spent on mobile devices and 87% of millennials report that their cellphone does not leave their side throughout the day. Apps connect customers directly with the brand and use mobile technology to maximize usability. Starbucks’ app enhances brand loyalty, while B2B brands use apps to supply sales teams with archives of information at their fingertips.


Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Snapchat | Tumblr | Twitter | and more

A professionally executed social media effort can be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to create a social presence that attracts new customers and persuades loyal brand fans to promote you.


Social Advertising

Although 79% of Americans use Facebook, less than 1% of your fan base sees your Facebook post among the more than 800 million posts per year. The good news is that maximizing your social influence is no longer a question of tactics but of budget. Maximizing your return on each dollar is critical and the targeting capability of social media is pivotal. You can target by demographics, interest, purchase behavior, and numerous other parameters, to ensure that each impression counts towards maximizing your investment.

Search Engine Advertising

Consumers actively searching for a particular product or service have the highest purchase intent in that product or service category. With Search Engine Marketing, you’re paying for an advertising slot to market your business on search engines instead of hoping the search engines will randomly place your website in front of the right buyers. How do you maximize the potential of that advertising slot? By finding the right ad funnels and building targeted audiences around demographics, services, seasonality, and other campaign attributes. It’s complicated. But we’ve mastered it. Let the experts at Allebach Digital create a paid search campaign for your business that’ll ring the register.


With an enhanced understanding of how your customers engage online, we create micro-targeted campaigns designed to reach the most relevant segment of your customers. Programmatic buying is online display advertising that is aggregated, booked, analyzed, and optimized via demand side software interfaces and algorithms. This strategy not only includes Real Time Bidding but also non-RTB methods such as Facebook Ads, API, and Google Display Network. It’s really cool.